Groundworks... Whether on a commercial or domestic project, we excel when it comes to all aspects of ground preparation and the installation of all the main services.

The main areas we are involved in are as follows:


Cable Ducting

When it comes to Ducting, our Groundworks Team are experienced in all types of excavations and laying of ducting for Utilities and Services.

This includes General Purpose Ducting, Ducting for Communications, Power and Lighting, also Perforated Ducting for Gas Supplies.

We ensure all ducting supplied for power applications complies with ENATS 12-14 Classes 1, 2 and 3. This is the industry specification standard for Electrical Supply Cable Protection. So you can rest assured that the project is completed to exacting standards and with the minimum disruption to the environment.

In addition to the ducting, we supply and fit all of the components required to complete the project which includes Couplers, Covers and necessary Access Chambers.


Water Mains

At JR Maintenance and Civil Engineers, we have installed miles of Water Pipes over the years.

Both new installations of Mains and Common Supply Water Pipes. and replacement Water Pipe are undertaken regularly for a number of our regular clients. Sometimes replacement pipes are required due to increased capacity requirements and other times due to relocation of temporary buildings. This is especially true of constantly developing environments like Airports. Nothing stands still for long!

When working in busy environments like Airports, Shopping Malls or High Street locations We understand the upheaval everyone faces when pipes burst or joints fail. So we attempt to plan and undertake water pipe repairs with speed and accuracy in these locations. Luckily we have an experienced team that is conscientious and thorough to undertake these kinds of repairs for you.

Call us to learn about Water Pipe Installation on your next project.



If we put the water mains in, then it has to have somewhere to go! Drainage is a big part of what we do. Some of the projects we have been involved in have required fast evacuation of surface water and this means installing over-sized drainage systems to cope with the deluge of a major storm. This is particularly true of say an Airport Apron, where the potential disruption to Planes and People means an expensive day at the office for a lot of businesses.

Having the resources and manpower to undertake these kinds of projects is not a concern for us and our clients are always delighted with the speedy and efficient service we provide.