Civil Engineering Projects from Concept to Completion are a mainstay of JR Maintenance & Civil Engineers Ltd.

Following on from an initial survey of a project we can produce a Program or Scheme of Work and undertake a Full Project Management Service. Continually striving to deliver quality projects, on time, at the right price, for our clients, requires the dedication and commitment of all our workforce. We are proud of our conscientious and highly productive staff. And of the teamwork and ethos that they all work to. Thanks to our strictly adhered to Health and Safety management, we maintain a safe and healthy working environment for everyone.

The main areas of work we undertake are as follows:


When we undertake a project, we ensure that the design and construction of the foundations will correctly support the structure to be constructed, including examination of the soil below. Our specialist teams are widely experienced in the installation of both shallow and deep foundations. Knowledgeable in the special designs required to prevent lateral movement in the of the supporting material. JR Maintenance & Civil Engineering teams inspect, test and verify the correct transference of load onto the soil. It is an important factor and should be both uniform and within the allowable bearing capacity. Choosing the right company to undertake the job is imperative. That is why you should call us for any well performing foundation project.


Car Park surfacing to Road and Pavement surfacing. That is what we do! We can also re-surface Country Walkways. They all require some kind of surfacing and at JR Maintenance and Civil Engineering we excel at all manner of surfacing. Preparation is the key to longevity and safety. Skilled and knowledgeable staff can undertake any size of project from initial site surveys through ground preparation and foundation through to the final finished surface. A range of colours and textures are available to suit different locations, usage and weather constraints. Talk to us if you require a Car Park or Road re-surfacing or constructing from scratch.


From the initial excavations to accommodate the Kerb Race or Concrete Windrow as it is also known, everything is meticulously measured to ensure correct levels and alignment. As mentioned elsewhere in this website, we like to build things "Soldier Proof"! Kerbing is a good example of where we pay particular attention to ensuring a "Soldier Proof" standard. If you can drive an army truck over it, then it passes the test! You won't find our Kerbs failing at the first sign of an HGV going over it.

The secret with good Kerb Laying is to ensure a substantial Race or Concrete Windrow upon which the kerbs are laid. This, coupled with a solid and compacted "Haunching" behind the kerbs will ensure a trouble-free solution that will last.

Concrete Works

To work with concrete you have to understand it. There are a whole load of calculations that go into producing the right mix for the right job. Here at JR Maintenance & Civil Engineering we know about concrete!

We get involved in various projects, each one requiring its own individual approach. We ensure that projects are thoroughly planned and concrete mixes are tested to destruction before we expedite.

So whether it's Concrete Aprons for Airports or Commercial Buildings, Suspended Floor Slabs, Power-Floated Concrete Floor Slabs, Industrial Building Access Roads, Drains and Culverts, Formwork, Reinforcement, Cast in-situ or Pre-cast, you know you can rely upon us.

We have the experience and ability to draw upon all the resources and skills our teams have to accomplish successful concrete projects of all sizes.

“Make it Soldier Proof!”

At JR Maintenance we have a saying... “Let’s make it Soldier Proof!”.

This has nothing really to do with Soldiers but it does stress the importance we apply to planning and not cutting corners when we construct. We like to build-in quality, robustness and longevity. Basically, if a soldier can't break it, then it should stand the test of time!

A good foundation is key and this applies to all things in life, but more so in the world of Civil Engineering.

Every project we undertake is fully evaluated. Contingencies are built into the way we construct society's infrastructure. Whether an Airport, Bridge, Road, Sewage System or Water Supply, it is important for us to ensure that the project will not fail. And will ultimately exceed the desired outcome but within our Clients' constraints.

At all times we are committed to achieving a high standard of Health & Safety.

Self motivated and experienced team members help us to “Go the extra mile” and propel us to achieve the highest standards for you, our client.